Social Media Marketing Nepal


Social Media Marketing


Social media plays Important Role In Business Promoting.Recently 90% Market Depend On Social Media For Business Exposure.

Here are the top benefits using social media to market your business.

Building Brand Awareness:

One of the most obvious reasons for using Social Media Marketing is to build brand awareness and it certainly does if used correctly. Make sure everything you are sharing is brand specific and won’t cause upset to any of your followers.

Reach a Large Audience:

Using social media to market your business online will without a doubt help you reach a larger audience. In a way, the more people you reach, the better brand awareness you have but with social media, there is a lot of noise. You need to make sure you use a tool like Hootsuite so you can eliminate all of the noise and focus on reaching the people who want to engage with you.

Great for SEO:

Social Media or even more specific, Google+ is great for boosting your SEO. Google is picking up on how much activity each business is doing on social media and will rank your business accordingly. The more active and fresh content you are posting on your social media accounts, the better your business will rank on Google and it really is, as simple as that.

Cost Effective:

Social Media Marketing doesn’t cost you a penny, unless you want it to. You can market on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and any other social network for free. If you want to run competitions or use a few select third party tools, you may end up have to pay a small fee but on the whole, social media marketing is very cost effective.